The Italian Top Model, Mrs. Valentina Bissoli

The ReMARKables: The Italian Top Model, Mrs. Valentina Bissoli talks about Italy, Modeling and Politics with Markopoulos Ch. Thomas and Off The Record News BlogSpot

Valentina The Great!
How is going with your jobs, model carrer
and your professional things?

VB-Very well, thank you! a cover and advertising campaign coming out and I am pleased to announce that on December 10th I will be the godmother of the First Veneto historic rally, a merit that has been conferred on me by my region as an ambassador of Venetian beauty. While on November 19 I will be the protagonist of a charity event in Naples together with various characters from the show.

Are you thinking of getting involved in politics someway?
I wish that beacuse i believe in you! I trust you.

VB-Not for sure… for now, maybe I see it in the future… I had some proposals! We will see…

From 1 to 10 how good is going the situation
about the economy and society in Italy nowdays?

VB-We give a 7 but it could be better! I am confident that Giorgia Meloni will do a good job, she is the first woman premier for Italy and I am with her!

My lady are you preparing something new
and beautiful this time in your work area?

VB-Some very nice projekts jobs are about to come out for which I worked for the past months… sometimes you have to wait even a year for the jobs to come out, it takes patience and everything arrives in its time!

My gorgeous friend… a wish from you for the future…
something beautiful and optimistic!
It is a great honour to speak with you. I respecr you. 

VB-I hope for a future of peace and love for all … I am full of love for my cats/ dog and I could not want better! I thank the universe for living every day in health and with the people I love. Thank you Thomas for our second interview, you are a very big gentleman and i wait for our radio-interview!










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